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Monday 7/25

From the lens of guest photographer Catie Leberman today.

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Sunday 7/24

Waiver Cluster and Morning Meeting

Sunday dawned hot already, but some good neighbor snuck in before 5 and started the 50 cup percolator, so there were compensations.

This is Alicia’s last day on site until Friday, so we needed to do a recap of yesterday (positive) and goal setting for today (achievable). Plus the usual ration of comedy and good-will we have come to expect from our fellow travelers. It is more obvious than ever that we are blessed with a high-accomplishment crew, and the way the “Townies” are picking it up is not far short of remarkable.

Though Alan Peoples makes the rounds every half hour with water and harassment, we nearly lost a player to the heat, and have ratcheted up our hydration vigilance. Today may have been a bit less oppressive than Thursday and Friday and Saturday, but probably not.

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Opening Day

South-Central New Hampshire, hottest summer in memory.

Just a couple of miles east of the Village of Chester, NH on RT 102.

Chester is just 15 miles east of the Manchester Airport (MHT), and we’ve still got room for you to visit, to work, to celebrate, or just to touch base with your pals.

We’ve been developing this project for a couple of years, not so long as some, really. And we admit to being both a little casual and a little unprepared for it, coming as it does on the heels of the successful close of what is probably our largest, and certainly our longest running project, the Synagogue. Field Reports from that extraordinary event can be found here.

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