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Saturday 7/30

July 30, 2011

Another glorious day of accomplishment. Leveraged by a glorious day of weather, after too much rain the day and night before.

Starts with a meeting, of course.

And a little inspection of the rigging, followed by a moment of prayer, and off we go.

We went from the circumstance above to the one pictured below in a few short hours of heroic effort.

Dr Brungraber turned up and started agitating immediately for enhanced progress on all fronts – a kind of defibrillator to our effort, and reporting immediate results. Alicia Spence returned and leapt into the breech with direction and exhortation; and we found the perfect balance (on the roof, on the staging, on the decking, on the rig) of locals and Guild folk. The flywheel came fully up to speed.

And after an very long day and somewhat sketchy internet access, (our excuses for this abbreviated blogpost), a couple hours after dinner we looked like this: . . . . bridge complete with all components, decking largely complete, roof boarding complete, staging for siding in place, and roll-out scheduled for Sunday 11am.

Tomorrow’s plan?

Start with the cedar shingles whilst the rigging guys and gals set up to jack the bridge down to the rollway, and build an anchor point on the far shore.

We have an appointment to keep with the Wason Family, who are heading over here in the morning having been promised that the rollout will begin promptly at 11am.

We are pretty sure we can deliver on this; and all the while provide meaningful work in shingling and siding for the ever-growing crowd of locals who are turning up, likes moths to the flame.

However, the sad diaspora has begun: Old pal Scott Samsel has headed home, and Dick Anderson will be rolling up his tent before sunup for a ride to the airport.

Still, we’re awash in timber framing talent and enthusiasm, and the luckiest people alive by most measures.

Hope you’ll stop by.


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  1. Bob Pepper permalink

    To the Guild, you are an amazing group of talent and I am honored to have worked along with you this past week. Thank you, Bob

  2. Tony Amato permalink

    Well today was AMAZING!!!We moved our new covered bridge to it,s final resting place!!With lots of help from the local residents and the Timber Framers Guild and the riggers from VMI!!This pass week was great for me,because I made new friends and helped to build some history aswell!!Hope you all get home safely and Thank you all for helping Chester!!You will always be welcome in our town and I will stay in touch though the web site!!Your friend and post man. Tony

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