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Thursday 7/28

July 28, 2011

A struggle today. We can see the finish line and we know it’s not far enough away. We’ll endeavor to get there without heroics or night work.

The layout kerfluffle necessitated a dyslexic modification of nomenclature, which in turn required an early morning visit to the plan wall for everyone. Thinking that this lesson might not have been universally absorbed . . . leadership remained wearily vigilant throughout the day to chase the unintended consequences. We’ve all been there.

And in this picture you can clearly see that we’re still a bit conflicted about which end is the New East. More beam migration and rotation follows, all in good humor, but perhaps with a growing sense that time is short.

Plenty of goodwill and energy still available to get it sorted.

And the astute reader will note that this particular chord is laid-out, checked and ready to install.

Stacking them up in the assembly area, positioning ourselves for success.

Something new headed for the cutting tent, though not without a last-minute rotation.

While over on the causeway Old Pal Tony from the PO channels Issac Walton in the eye of the storm . . . . Don Seela worrying the railway we’re building . . .

and Bruce Cowie deploys another in a series of preternaturally accurate holes for a tension rod.

Tony set aside the fish pole for some working on the railroad time with Don Seela and Chuck Myette. They’ll be ready for rolling when the time comes.

But in the end it all proved too hot and stressful to miss dinner, and worse, to dis our host Tom Edwards, who had us over to the house for a surpassingly good meal and good time . . . . I recommend the Ziti.

an altogether fine evening of camaraderie, ending in fireworks . . . . .

Which seemed like an pretty awesome idea until Charlie’s dog bolted into the woods.

We’ll keep you posted.


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