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Sunday 7/24

July 24, 2011

Waiver Cluster and Morning Meeting

Sunday dawned hot already, but some good neighbor snuck in before 5 and started the 50 cup percolator, so there were compensations.

This is Alicia’s last day on site until Friday, so we needed to do a recap of yesterday (positive) and goal setting for today (achievable). Plus the usual ration of comedy and good-will we have come to expect from our fellow travelers. It is more obvious than ever that we are blessed with a high-accomplishment crew, and the way the “Townies” are picking it up is not far short of remarkable.

Though Alan Peoples makes the rounds every half hour with water and harassment, we nearly lost a player to the heat, and have ratcheted up our hydration vigilance. Today may have been a bit less oppressive than Thursday and Friday and Saturday, but probably not.

Scribing has Begun In Earnest

Which is why we find Bruce Cowie and others contorted under the portable shade with plummets, dividers and marking tools. This is a snap-line scribe-rule job for the most part, and folks are picking it up very quickly; perhaps in part because it is just too damned hot for the partisan wrangling than normally accompanies any choice of layout technology.

Tony from the Post Office has been with us every day, pitching in where needed, and brightening up the landscape with banter.

Engineer Without Borders Katie Hill dives headlong in to scribing with zero experience, a terrific attitude and early and repeated success.

Search For Quaker Meeting Yields Meeting House.

We found this jewel a few miles up the road in West Epping. A very well kept example of the type, with the twin entrances and divided worship hall. Though there was no Meeting this week for reasons we did not discern, we did spend a pleasant hour examining the building and the accompanying graveyard.

Back on the Sweltering Site

Don Seela and Chuck Myette spent a good portion of the day climbing in and out of the spillway over which our bridge will soar.

Their task is to devise and install the support structures for the roll-out. Lasers, tape measures, and other esoteric measuring devices came into play, balanced by a certain about of skepticism and delight; there probably are more than three distinct ways to get this done.

Meanwhile back in the orange tent, the braces are done and the rafters are begun.

While several folks turn themselves sideways and every other which way but loose to fasten the upper chord scarf into place.

All in all an excellent day, capped by a convivial barbecue (with venison sausage and Strawberry Shortcake) around the pool at our host’s place, just down the road.

We’re looking forward to the arrival tomorrow of the Virginia team, lead by Dr Grigg Mullen, which will be responsible for the raising of the trusses. Stay tuned.

One Comment
  1. Tony Amato permalink

    Thank you Timber Framers Guild for making Chester,s Covered bridge and for making new Friends!!Tony The post man!!!

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